Providing Customer Service on Social Media

Customer Service has already claimed its place in the business world. When you’re running an enterprise, you can’t overcome challenges without having a plan for a sound and effective customer care.
Once you’ve realized this, there’s no stopping you and your business from taking on new heights and exploring new things on how to better serve both your clients and the potential ones.

What is Customer Service?

We’ve read and heard much from companies talking about customer service and what it means to a business. We sat down and talked to Katherine, who is at the frontlines of customer care and leads a team of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) at Virtual Champs Global.
According to her, Customer Service is a company’s goal of making sure that customers get the best experience when interacting with the company when they inquire or buy products or services.
“This way, we also ensure that we keep clients satisfied and they remain loyal customers for as long as possible.”
How do we do that? Kathy and her team’s experience at Virtual Champs helped us outline how they achieve excellent Customer Service.

What Do Customer Service Representatives Do?

CSRs, as they call themselves, or customer support agents to some, assist clients and prospective clients alike when they need help with a company’s products or services.
When you have CSRs working for your company, they frontline handling customers’ concerns, ranging from simple queries to complicated complaints
They engage and hold the hand of your new and loyal customers in their journey with your products from awareness until they buy and use the product. They remain available until customers express that they are either satisfied or not.
Here are the reasons why companies need CSRs:
  • They help companies address customers’ concerns the quickest possible.
  • CSRs provide support to product or service awareness.
  • They help manage interactions with clients daily.
  • CSRs help gather suggestions about products or services.

The quality of customer experience could either make or break your business. With a good customer service strategy and best customer service practices, you can expect your business to succeed. Without these, the absence of these factors denies a company these opportunities.

Customer Service on Social Media? Why Not!

A new challenge came when customers turned to social media for awareness and even expressing dissatisfaction for almost any topic, event, or occasion.
Facebook and Instagram are often used for connecting with loved ones and long-lost friends and acquaintances. But it also serves as a new platform for business and consumer interactions.
Even businesses that do not operate online turn to social media for product launches, marketing, and customer support.
Customers found a convenient way to inquire and decide on purchases or complain about them. Meanwhile, companies found an opportunity to explore new channels for real-time customer interaction.
Kathy expressed the same views. It’s challenging, as she described it. Customers generally have the same concerns, but CSRs provide the answers as quickly as possible when they turn to social media.
With customers using a company’s customer support chat on social media, you have to expect that they want real-time solutions to their problems. Katherine and her team of CSRs more often than not face customers with challenging requests.
Katherine shares that however big these challenges would be, CSRs are taught that overcoming them is a value that could transform difficult tasks into powerful tools when embraced.
Providing customer service in social media, for example, has taught agents like Katherine to value urgency, creativity, and resourcefulness with one thing in their mind – providing the best customer experience possible.
Here’s a run-down of some benefits a company can get when you have Customer Service on Social Media:
  • Wider customer reach
  • Publicity
  • Manage and promote your product and services
  • Accessibility of social media
  • Mobile
  • Increase website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Boost sales
  • Lead generation
  • Audience retargeting

Wrapping Up

It’s hard to tell how both customer support and social media could evolve together. What’s certain is that Social Media now plays an integral role in providing customer service — an opportunity to give customers the best care and experience they deserve. 

Virtual Champs Global is proud to have taken on this challenging task for our clients. Talk to us today and let’s give your customers the best experience possible.


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