Social Media Listening: Going Beyond the Insights

Social Media listening can have a significant impact on your business’ growth. Social Media is an effective platform for promoting your brand, you can use it to your advantage. It’s mind-blowing how a single Facebook post can send your sales skyrocketing!

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms provide necessary insights to monitor your performance. It can be confusing, and it’s normal to have no idea what they mean.

But if you’re determined to stay competitive, these insights have the answers to your questions! Learn how they identify your next steps:

Social Media Listening

Checking metrics like industry trends, relevant hashtags, and competitor and brand mentions are useful. For instance, it helps you with testing and monitoring your Return on Investment (ROI). That could be your first step! But look into it more in-depth, and that’s already “Social Media listening.”

Social Media listening is looking beyond the numbers and getting the answers to your “why.” It’s a Social Media Manager’s strategic and practical approach to creating content online. Think about the story behind the data and understand how people see your brand! Serve your customers better and improve your business.

Social Media Insights

Your performance on Social Media is greatly affected by various factors, mainly by the algorithm. But to know if you’re performing well, you may rely on your Social Media insights. You might have viewed those graphs and numbers, but how do you maximize those results?

Important Metrics

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn all have metrics that you can check. We know it can be a lot to take in all at once! Try focusing on the following metrics to understand the basics:

Followers or Likes. One of the easiest to track is your number of followers or likers. You scale your direct audience’s size and get a hint of who’s interested in your business.

Lost Followers or Unlikes. It’s inevitable to lose followers. Monitoring these losses can help you trace possible reasons for unlikes.

User Demographics. The Internet can take your business around the world! Find out where your followers are from and see how far your page has come.

Reach or Impressions. Before users hit that like button, they have seen your post somewhere first. The metrics for reach or impressions tell you how many users have come across your post.

Post Engagements. How many likes did your photo get? And did people leave comments? Keeping an eye on the interactions in your posts identify if your content is engaging or not.

Video analytics. Most videos online are automatically played when users find them, but not all viewers watch them to the last second. See if your videos are effective in introducing your business!

Key Questions

After getting the numbers for those mentioned above, you can start asking questions that eventually guide you to your next steps:

  • Do people know and follow my business?
  • Why do users unfollow my page, and what do I need to improve?
  • Am I reaching the right audience?
  • Is my page reaching enough users online
  • Am I producing compelling content
  • Are my videos effective in telling users about my business?

Keep in mind that Social Media is a broad platform with many biases for each user. You cannot ask users one by one why they do or don’t interact with your page, but you can always draw possible answers. Identify what’s working and what’s not. Narrow down your options strategically, and then make the next move!

Wrapping Up

“Social Media Marketing” is such a broad term, and it involves a lot of analysis. Take in the ever-changing trends, too! Social Media insights do a lot for your business. Sure, there are available social media analytics tools online, but how do you listen properly?

Virtual Champs Global offers Social Media Managing services, providing you an in-depth understanding of your data. Save time and money by hiring Social Media Managers who can analyze your insights and help you plan your next steps!

Continuous research on new trends and algorithms will keep your page in the loop. You can also learn through studying your competitors’ strategies. Now’s the time to give your Social Media business page an edge. Talk to us, and let’s analyze your insights!


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