Why Invest in Social Media for Client Care?

Social Media are different online platforms or websites that offer users new and virtual ways of expressing themselves, sharing media and information, building a social network, and connecting with family and friends. 

More than half of the world’s population uses social media either for entertainment, news, business, relationships, and more. Statistics show that in 2020, 79% of the US population are into social media.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger, and WhatsApp have been part of most Americans’ daily lives, as well as people from around the globe. 

Client care or customer care forms a significant part of a consumer’s experience with a brand, beginning from the awareness stage and continues even after the purchase has been made. It is an essential aspect of customer service and fundamentally serves as the precursor of customer loyalty. Good client care begets a strong following of customers who are satisfied with your brand and your interactions with them.

Customers nowadays give more value to how brands make them feel connected and recognized. Most social media platforms offer customizable features that open a gateway for more personalized and real-time interactions with users, making it an essential tool for 24/7 client care.

Using Social Media for Client Care

There is no doubt that incorporating client care into social media is a smart move. Such will allow brands the opportunity to elevate their services to both loyal and first-time customers alike, bringing them to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Many consumers are already on social media. According to Microsoft, a third of Americans “have used social media to complain about a brand or its customer service.”

It is primarily because many companies have already turned to social media for marketing and branding. Having your brand’s presence on social media makes it also available to customers’ comments and complaints.

In return, with a good Client Care strategy in place, companies will respond to these customers and resolve their concerns at the soonest possible time. It will generate or increase companies’ loyal customer base. 

A good Client Care strategy in social media will therefore increase customer retention and referrals. It means that you get more value for the resources you spend on Client Care on Social Media. In contrast to how much you pay in acquiring new customers. 

According to Harvard Business Review, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. It is therefore vital not only to spend money on a marketing strategy but also for client care.

Wrapping Up

Maximizing the social media platforms for client care will bring convenience for your customer and your brand. 

The potential is clear. You can further take your brand’s success by tapping social media’s marketing reach and its opportunity for client care. However, when not strategized and appropriately implemented, it could also potentially trigger losing your customers. 

Virtual Champs Global can help you go the extra mile with its experienced customer service team. Are you ready to take client care to the next level?


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