Selling High: Hiring Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The Real Estate industry has already gone far from how the business looked like several years ago. Who would have thought that this fully-grown investment industry began from selling your own lot or house to your neighbors?

From its humble beginnings, selling Real Estate has become a booming industry. Moreover, it has become a growth indicator for economies around the world.

Experts were even surprised how the industry managed to become one of the resilient sectors in the United States economy even when the world is facing a pandemic and amidst social unrest and a possible economic recession. 

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the existing-home sales in December rose and brought the home sales in 2020 to their highest level since 2006. 

“Sales in total rose year-over-year, up 22.2% from a year ago (5.53 million in December 2019). Seventy percent of the homes sold in December 2020 were on the market for less than a month.”

NAR’s Chief Economist Lawrence Yun believes this growth will carry on this year. With the promise of a vaccine, this positive foresight for the Real Estate industry would encourage the market to invest more in buying properties.

The Challenge

This is, of course, good news. But can your company keep up? Your company should gear towards taking your fair share of the market. However, this wouldn’t be an easy task.

The challenge is how to drive your company at gunpoint when you are distracted and tempted to remain to do other company tasks that keep your hands off the steering wheel.

This dilemma has become a tendency among business leaders. Successful ones, though, have gone shaking more administrative and other technical functions off their shoulders. You, too, can focus on the business’ core functions without necessarily spending more money.

How? Hire your own Virtual Assistants.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants at your Service

A VA is your executive assistant who can perform everything tasked to their equivalent who works in the office. While VAs typically work remotely in a home office setup, they can be more efficient if your company hires them for specific tasks.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can already save you office space, and they can take on tasks so you can focus more on leading your company. Here’s a list of tasks that a VA can do for you:

  1. Perform Office Administrative Functions. A Virtual Assistant can set appointments, answer queries, and make follow-ups. You may assign your VA to check and manage emails for the same purpose.
  2. Assist the company in Data Management. From data entry, sorting to analysis. With a VA around, the company may already have the advantage of looking into a prepared sheet of screened Real Estate clients and potential buyers instead of taking more time going through the data one by one.
  3. Conduct Market Research. A Virtual Assistant task may also include doing market research for your company.
  4. Manage and Implement Online Marketing Strategies. While this is not the sole responsibility of a Virtual Assistant to strategize a marketing campaign, one may also manage and implement an existing plan.

How can a Real Estate VA impact you and your business?

Hiring your own Virtual Assistant may impact your business more than you expect.

First, having a Virtual Assistant unloads you the tasks you may be capable of doing yourself. However, it would be best if you remained focused on leading your business. It’s hard to work alone, and it’s even more defeating for your business when you have less time as the Captain of the Ship.

Second, having less of the technical and administrative functions on your shoulders clears your mind. It could mean more sound and timely decisions on matters that require utmost attention.

You can expect to save more money spent on departmentalized tasks and more time (and money too) spent on untimely, overdue resolutions.

The Catch

Virtual Assistants work remotely. It may be a disadvantage for some as it poses challenges in the workflow and quality checking. However, these issues are similarly faced in an office setup.

Despite these, a Real Estate company can get more from hiring a Virtual Assistant than the challenges it brings.

Virtual Champs Global has made sure these challenges are taken care of to offer and assure you that its Virtual Assistants are what your company needs to make things done for you.

Call us today so you can start selling high this year!


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