What Makes a Good Website?

A good website does a lot for your business. Look at it as a virtual office that’s up 24/7. It is where you can turn users into customers.

Navigating through a well-made website makes it seem like it’s easy to create one. But if you look closely, a good website is more than what your eyes can see. Here’s what you need to make a one:

Website Must-haves

When it’s easy to explore, that’s when you know it’s a great website. It’s crucial to effortlessly lead your users to where you want them to go! Let’s make a list of must-haves.

On-brand and outstanding design

Your website is your ID, so the design should reflect your brand all throughout. The web design is what your users see first, and it’s what they will remember. Make sure everything—from the colors to the elements, down to the smallest details—is on-brand!

Take note of visual hierarchy. Highlight the important sections that you want your users to notice. Consider reading patterns as well, as they will affect how long users stay on your website. A good website has a downright excellent design.

Effective and original content

A good website speaks your brand’s voice. Aside from the design, you introduce yourself through your content too! Include useful and original content to convert visitors into customers. Users are on your website to know more.

Use words to eliminate the fear of the unknown and build trust. Engage your users and let them know you have what they need!


In this generation of smartphones, your potential customers will probably check your website through their phones. What’s the edge of a mobile-friendly website?

Having a mobile-friendly website shows that you cater to your users in every possible way. Your services are wide-ranging, so aim for a responsive web design for both desktop and mobile devices. Add those clean and validated codes to your list!

Easy navigation

Aside from the reading patterns, website navigation also affects your user retention. Nobody wants to stay on a confusing website. Remember, you don’t want to offer your users services and have them find it somewhere else instead.

Organize and structure your website. This way, visitors will find what they want to without spending too much time and effort. Creativity is a must, but as what da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


Users look for solutions, and you want to help them fast. Otherwise, they can look for other providers, and you will miss your chance to work with them. That’s why considering your website’s speed is also a factor in your business’ performance!

A slow page speed can waste your money and time, so make sure you don’t make your users wait for your information to load. A good website responds fast and smoothly to give users an A-Okay experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Another important thing to remember: Even if you have an aesthetically-pleasing design and compelling content, your website is still invisible without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What’s a good website if it doesn’t reach the right people? 

SEO includes implementing strategies like keyword research, advertising campaigns, and promoting quality content. Through SEO, you target users and their specific needs, giving your website (and your business!) the exposure and growth it needs. This part takes time, but rest assured that a good website delivers ROI!

Wrapping Up

That’s only five of many other things on the list! It’s eye-opening when you learn the different components of an effective website. There are various DIY website platforms online, but a web design company or agency can save you time and money.

Virtual Champs Global offers web development services. We’re ready to help you reach your potential clients with an awesome website! There are many challenges in building a good website, but we can beat them together.

Imagine being one of the top websites on the internet. That sounds like a win for your business, right? Browse the most popular websites and picture out your own. Talk to us and let’s make your dream website into reality!


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