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Taylor Jacoby
Taylor Jacoby
Sales Manager, PLACESTER
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"Working with VCG has been a true pleasure. They were able to quickly vet candidates for my sales team when I needed to hire new reps, and are flexible when I need to make changes."
Barbara Case
Real Estate Broker
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"I remain very impressed with HomeActions customer service - actually, the customer service is AMAZING. Never seen anything like it before."
Catie Vineyard
Catie Vineyard
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"We cannot say enough good things about the team at VCG. Since we have started working with them, we have utilized their designers, virtual assistants, quality assurance teams over several months in a variety of projects. Their communication is terrific, and they work hard to provide the best fit for each given project. We look forward to continue working with them."
Michael Van Straten
Michael Van Straten
Manager of Customer Support, PLACESTER
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"VCG has been a reliable partner over the last several years. Trust is extremely important when it comes to building a team who will handle the vast majority of interactions with customers, and VCG checks that box. From recruiting the right people to handling payroll, VCG takes care of it so we can focus on the work and our customers. Not to mention, they are just a fun, energetic group to work with who make showing up to work a good time. Highly recommend! "
Karin Nihls
Former President, Women’s Council of Realtors
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“Having not used this system before, I had many questions and John was able to navigate many of the options available to me as a new subscriber.”
Casey Popkins
Casey Popkins
Director, SMB Sales, PLACESTER
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"We've partnered with VCG the last 3 years for everything from customer support to lead qualification and virtual assistance for data entry and research. I'm constantly impressed by the teams ability to take on and execute new challenges for our business while being flexible for our changing business needs. Leadership and management are attentive to their clients and employees feedback. I would highly recommend them. "
David H. Faux
Law Office of David H. Faux, P.C.
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"Every quarter, I like to feature a business acquaintance or colleague-at-bar who superbly exhibits professional wisdom. I am pleased to feature Darlene Unsad, who has been with my law office for just over a year. Hired and employed through Virtual Champs Global, Darlene has not only been of great help to me, but to many of the law office clients. It's not unusual for a client to sing her praises and compliment me on my own wisdom for hiring her! She's that good.”
Mary Ellen Roy
Real Estate Agent
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“I am a HomeActions former customer who has made the decision to come back! Thanks to Steve Cruz my contacts have been taken care of in a very quick manner. I am one happy realtor!”

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Whether you want to work with one or five people, outsourcing gives you the flexibility to choose a solution according to your needs and budget.

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No time to train in-house staff or learn a new skill? Don’t worry! Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to find and work with experts so you can jump right on to your project.

Focus on your Core

When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about every little thing. Whether it’s thinking of a new product or closing sales, you’ll now have more time to focus on what your company does best.

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