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Who Trust Us

Our growing list of long-standing partners are our driving force to continuously innovate and upskill our talents.

What We Do

We hire, train and retain only the most competent and skilled workforce to drive our virtual solutions. Web developers, virtual assistants, cold callers, social media managers— you name it, we provide it. 

General Virtual Assistance

Administrative tasks, lead generation, record keeping, research, data entry—have our specialists streamline every operational process you have.


Our Customer Service Specialists provide first class reception and conflict resolution services because your customers deserve only the best.

Social Media Management

Harness the untapped billions of consumer potential on social media channel for marketing and sales through our experienced social media experts.

Software Development

Create customized applications that give a brand new meaning to great User Experience with our talented software developers.

Website Building

Capture the essence of your brand identity and solidify your online mark through a dynamic, responsive, well-crafted website.

Sales Development

Drive the highest profit margins by having our sales managers evaluate and innovate your sales process.

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Why Choose Us

Because here at Virtual Champs, you are guaranteed:

Cost-effective & Scalable Solution

Whether you want to work with one or five people, outsourcing gives you the flexibility to choose a solution according to your needs and budget.

Work with Experts

No time to train in-house staff or learn a new skill? Don’t worry! Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to find and work with experts so you can jump right on to your project.

Grow your Business

Have the luxury of focusing only on your core processes for expansion and business innovations by making us unlock off-the-charts efficiencies and productivities for all of your operational tasks.

Focus on
your Core

When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about every little thing. Whether it’s thinking of a new product or closing sales, you’ll now have more time to focus on what your company does best.

Seamless Workforce Acquisition and Management

Choose your talents and leave everything to us. We have Team Leads, Trainers, and IT Personnel to see through onboarding, training, upskilling, and payroll.

Full Output Ownership Rights and Confidentiality

The work done and produced for you, remain yours and yours alone. You have full ownership and intellectual copyrights to all work done under your care.

How It Works

Book A Consultation Call

All you need is your name and email and you’re good to go.

Talk to Our Consultant

Have a free discovery call with our industry-pioneering Consultants who will outline an outsourcing structure fit for your unique business model.

Work With a VA

Work with a VCG team member (that you can choose yourself from a pre-selected roster) and see if it fits.

“Our assistant Anne has been incredibly professional and was able to quickly pick on the tasks we needed her to complete. Our efficiency has increased exponentially with her on our team.”
Stephen Caceda
Sales Manager, MCM Capital Solutions

Avail of Our Services Now

Virtual Champs proudly offers the most cost-efficient outsourcing pricing in the market. You have the full control to select amongst our worthy talents and measure their skills and contribution to your practice.

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